NDI vs SDI: The Switch to IP Workflows

Mark Mayne from IBC recently posted an article discussing NDI and how it's being used in live and remote productions. 

NDI is relatively new technology, but it's quickly gained both success and popularity within the livestreaming industry. NDI recently released its latest upgrade, NDI 5.5, which continues to allow NDI to deliver high-quality, low-latency video for live production.

A Live Example of NDI

Wesley Dodd, CEO, Celebro Studios, used a live example, pointing out that he was speaking from a studio for a webinar, whereas the other panel members were using webcams. But thanks to NDI’s integration with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Brightspark, the experience was seamless.

“The way that NDI integrates to those platforms is incredibly useful because you guys are on a webcam. I’m not. I’m in a studio and being able to do that makes a huge, huge difference. There [are] lots of other camera systems now that integrate NDI. The Panasonic cameras, for example. And being able to put a Panasonic camera or pan and tilt camera in somebody’s home and to be able to pull that in via NDI and control the camera as well. That’s incredibly valuable.” -Wesley Dodd, CEO, Celebro Studios

Dodd also pointed out that NDI's ability to control the cameras remotely is incredibly helpful in remote production setups.

My White House shot is in the background, so that is a great example of NDI in use. That [live feed] is being pulled directly across the Atlantic at the moment via NDI. I think remote production is one of the really big areas where NDI can have an advantage and, of course, it’s going to be much better quality than what you’re going to be able to do on some of the traditional consumer base platforms.” -Wesley Dodd, CEO, Celebro Studios

Low Latency Solutions for NDI

A final point was the range of low latency video streaming solutions that now support NDI to transmit live video feeds across the public internet.

“So for example, I’m talking to you now via NDI and I’m hearing you via NDI and I’m seeing you via NDI and that’s something that really a lot of you have probably started to use NDI for. So, whether you’re using Zoom or Teams or Meet, the ability to take the output of the studio like this one, and insert that directly into the feed via NDI is absolutely invaluable.” -Wesley Dodd, CEO, Celebro Studios

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