NDI & WebRTC Workflows for Broadcasters

NDI is a key ingredient to many high quality live productions. Now, with NDI becoming more and more available with multiple plugins to multiple systems, the technology is better than ever before.

WebRTC is a great input for your software encoder like OBS which can help translate NDI into your production system, to create a high quality broadcast.

What many broadcasters are also finding is that NDI is being built into a good ammount of video conferencing systems- including Skype- and soon Teams and Zoom as well.  Skype over NDI allows your skype call to bring in your guests video feed as an independent input.  

The power of NDI continues to expand which allows for better and better broadcasts when combined with WebRTC. 

Check out this highlight from this article from meetecho.com to learn more.

I was really curious to investigate NDI as a technology after these exchanges (especially considering I knew nothing about it), but then life and work got in the way, and I forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, though, a private chat with Dan sparkled that interest again. He mentioned how a video production company he knew was really struggling with getting proper live feeds from the Internet to be used in what they were producing every day. Once more, NDI was mentioned as pretty much a standard de facto in that line of business, and how a proper way to bring in WebRTC streams is still sorely missing, which forces editors to basically capture the source material in “hacky” ways.

As such, I decided to start looking into NDI, to figure out if the RTP-to-NDI translation I wondered about was indeed feasible or not.


Check out the full article HERE.

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