NDI Workflows Enable 4K Productions

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Gary is joined once again by Broadfield Distributing’s Workflow Sales Specialist Glen Seaman on how NDI workflows enable 4K productions.

NDI 4.5 is here!

NDI 4.5 is the latest update to NDI technology. Videoguys is leading the way at using this information on their own shows, and getting information out there to the users. Because knowing what NDI can do to help stay connected

and streaming will change the world.

So what’s now?

  • Realtime iOS Support​
  • NDI|HX improvements and lower latency​
  • Unlimited IP recording​
  • NDI SDK for Unreal Engines

NewTek.tv has a lot of user stories out there for demonstrations and people in the field using this technology. These places include houses of worship, corporate, education, local governments, medical, and more!

TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI NEW! Enhanced Features

This wonderful product has loads of new updates and features INCLUDING the brand new Spark Plus I/0 4K. Thus making your modules not just an in like before! Now it’s possible to not just turn an HDMI source to NDI, but NDI to an HDMI source!

TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI

New updates include:

  •  Live Story Creator – Let your script automatically run the show & power teleprompter​
  •  LivePanel – Create software-based control panels and operate your TriCaster through any Web browser or operating system on the network​
  •  NDI® KVM – Gives you access to the user interface from a computer or device on the network ​
  •  SkypeTX – Now supports 2 SkypeTX channels ​
  •  Two Spark Plus IO –  4K HDMI/NDI IO Box​
  •  SRT Ingestions –  Provides high-quality, low-latency connections from across the public Internet ​
  •  4 Mix Outs – Animated GIFs in Buffers; Media Player Presets; and more

Other NewTek 4K products include the top of the line TC1 and their NEW PTZ-UHD Camera!


Spark Plus 4K

  • Convert video up to 2160p​
  • IP transport via NDI®​
  • Tally support via NDI​
  • Portable and Mountable

Spark Plus I/O 4K & Spark Plus I/0 SDI

  • Convert video up to UHD60p & audio from HDMI to NDI and NDI to HDMI​
  • Power over ethernet​
  • Tally support via NDI​
  • Portable and Mountable



There are three encoders to choose from:

BirdDog also has the new P400 PTZ Camera with full NDI, 4K sensor, color matrix control, and 20x zoom! Also fresh off the line is their P4K with the following features

  • Sony 1″ CMOS Backlit Sensor​
  • Full NDI​
  • Advanced color controls​
  • 10 Bit NDI4 capable sensor ​
  • BirdDog RESTful API


Panasonic has two 4K cameras to choose from: the Panasonic AW-UN70 & Panasonic AW-UE150​. But what’s cool about Panasonic is their family of NDI camcorders! These are the AG-CX10 and the AG-CX350. Both are fantastic for sports and truly flexible for high action shooting & streaming!

Watch the full webinar here!


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