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Need to know where to start with 360-degree video creation? Read this straightforward article from VideoUniversity to help you get started. Videoguys has the gear you need for stitching, 360 camera setup, plus articles and expert advice!

T360 Helioshere are two types of 360 Video. The first is called Monoscopic. This is a flat rendering of a shot that can be viewed on any screen. While you can move around the space, there is no real depth perception. This is the kind of video you see in 360 Players like YouTube 360 and Facebook. This is what Google Street View displays.

The second type is called Stereoscopic 360. It creates a 3D, rather than flat, rendering of the shot. There’s a separate field for each eye. This can be viewed in 360 with a VR Headset.

Some of the popular monoscopic cameras can be broken into three groups.

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