NETGEAR M4250 ProAV Switches are Ideal for NDI/IP Video Production

The NETGEAR M4250 Network switches are excellent network switches to function as the backbone of NDI workflows of all sizes. Recently, Paul Richards from StreamGeeks posted a great article and video detailing these Network Switches.

Check out StreamGeeks video on these switches, below:

NETGEAR Network Switches are Designed for NDI

While there are a ton of Network switches in the industry to choose from, that will work great in an NDI workflow, NETGEAR M4250 switches are specifically designed for NDI workflows. 

This makes them easier to configure and setup right from NETGEARS online GUI to perfectly fit your workflow. Due to the ease of configuration, NDI has never been easier!

"When it comes to the technical details of networking NETGEAR takes the complicated parts out of the puzzle. The M4250 switches feature Auto-LAG and Auto-Trunk capabilities that make expanding your M4250 switch network a breeze. No more need for complicated, tedious Link Aggregation or Trunk configuration. And of course, these switches support PoE, PoE+, and PoE ++ capabilities. This means a single port can power up to 90 Watts/port for powering all kinds of IP cameras, speakers, and more devices."

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about NETGEAR HERE.

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