NETGEAR M4250 Video over IP Optimized Switches Trump IT-Focused Devices

Chris Scanlan, owner of CS Consulting and account manager/sales engineer at Industry Tech Sales in Minneapolis uses an AV-over-IP system in his office and when it just wasn't working properly he made the switch to a NETGEAR M4250 switch. "We went into our inventory, grabbed a NETGEAR switch and installed it. Within 5 minutes it was racked, configured, and up and running, and we walked out the door. The next day the training went off without a hitch. It was a lot of fun talking about that for the next two days with the group," says Scanlan. 

 It sounds like Scanlan has a lot of expertise in the AV integration industry and has had positive experiences with NETGEAR products, specifically the switch and wireless access points. His positive experience during the training event could be seen as a representation of the reliability and quality of NETGEAR's product line as a whole.

"Other switches are built for the IT world, but NETGEAR built its switches focused on AV applications. They have taken a lot of the IT-specialty work out by setting up the necessary AV protocols for Dante, AV-over-IP, Q-LAN, NDI for video, and ARCNET for lighting. NETGEAR built in pre-configurations where you can identify the VLAN for a device and it sets up all the QOS [Quality of Service], IGMP [Internet Group Management Protocol], the multicast, the jumbo frames, etc. They have tailored it nicely for the dealer. It just works. That is the easiest thing to say about it… it just works.”
Chris Scanlan

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