New 360Heros Modular VR Solutions

360Heros Launches New Modular VR 360 Video Solutions

360Heros blog 360Heros Modular virtual reality solutionsWe're proud to announce the launch of our whole new modular product line of virtual reality 360-degree video multi-camera holders. This new line builds on our current patented 360 Plug-n-Play™ models and its continuation patent utilizing multiple cameras held in a spherical array to capture 360-degree photos and videos. The redesigned product line features 6, 7, 10 and 24 camera solutions which are now available for pre-order with updated versions of our 3D 360 video holders to be released in the coming weeks. The new modular system introduces the world's first interchangeable VR 360 plug-n-play arrays for creating 360 video. Key features of the new holders include:
  • Injection molded parts for added strength, durability and modular flexibility
  • Hinged camera arms for easy installation and camera protection
  • V2 versions of the holders replace existing holders with improvements in design and ease of use
  • Electronic versions of each holder feature the Bullet360 control boards for syncing and simultaneously operating cameras
  • Anodized aluminum cores provide high strength mounting solutions and make it easy to switch between the Original V2 and the Electronic Bullet360 boards, holders and the assembly
"Not only is this exciting and fulfilling to be introducing a whole new modular lineup of 360 gear, moving from 3D printing to injection mold production was really the next logical step for us," Michael Kintner, CEO and founder, said. "This goes to show what demand we've been facing – we couldn't 3D print our rigs fast enough to keep our customers satisfied." "With this new modular design we can produce more of our holders faster with more robust technology, to help our customers meet their demands for VR content," he added.
In another move to meet customers' demand, starting in May we will offer monthly 360 video creation training sessions, alternating between sites in Boston and our office in Los Angeles. "There's so much demand for training in this field that sessions we've offered in the past, including one through VRLA School, sold out in record time," Mike said. "Ultimately our goal is to help 360-creators produce amazing content, and training is another component we're happy to help with." The first training session is slated for Saturday, May 7, at the Village Workspaces in Los Angeles, CA. Come see these new solutions in person - visit our booth N8619 at NAB Show in Las Vegas!

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