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Adobe blogs by Mallika Yelandur Adobe Media Encoder has a set of shiny new tutorials that take you through the basics of using Media Encoder, as well as key techniques and the various encoding workflows. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these tutorials are sure to inspire you! Here are some quick links to tutorials that you may find useful: adobe-media-encoder What is Adobe Media Encoder? Watch this one-minute video to learn how to encode audio and video in a variety of formats to deliver video content for web, broadcast, and cinema. how-to-use-adobe-media-encoder How to use Adobe Media Encoder Learn the basics of using Adobe Media Encoder: how to add a source to the queue, apply a preset, change the output name or location, and review the encoded file. publish-to-youtube-vimeoPublish to YouTube and Vimeo Learn how easy it is to to render and upload content to YouTube, Vimeo, Creative Cloud, and FTP sites using Adobe Media Encoder.

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For more video tutorials, go to Adobe Media Encoder tutorials. For detailed Help articles, go to Adobe Media Encoder Help.

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