New Adobe Story and the Future of Script Writing

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My Story

When I was twelve years old I lived one block away from Desilu and Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. While I was twelve I also was very fortunate as a kid to get a very cool job at this time in my life and that job was as a paperboy for a Los Angeles daily newspaper called the Herald Examiner. My new paper route focused on delivering the Examiner to the homes and apartment buildings in my neighborhood, a popular radio station called KHJ, a restaurant and bar called Nick O Dells, and to my incredible amazement the two movie studios which were a stone’s throw from where I lived!


Pictured above is new Adobe Story, an off/online collabrative script writing tool.

To this day kids who live in Hollywood near these two studios (now combined as one) attempt to sneak inside to see their favorite movies and shows being made. In my day (back in the sixties & seventies) it was a very, very big deal to us “”Hollywood” kids to sneak inside. In fact many kids (including me) concocted elaborate and often times crazy and dangerous plans to break into those two studios; but try as we might there simply was no way to get past the terrifying coils of razor wire a top the thirty foot high towering four foot thick concrete and steel walls surrounding the studios including a spooky cemetery which bordered one side of them! An even worse deterrent to us kids were the tough as nails studio guards with their massive Smith & Weston revolvers at their sides. read more...

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