New at NAB: AJA Releases New KONA and Io Software with AJA Control Room Updates

55281ce18f046 AJA Releases New KONA and Io Software with AJA Control Room Updates

AJA Video Systems today released new v12.2 software for its KONA and Io products.

The update includes a new capability for Io 4K that offers AJA Raw ingest to Cinema DNG files from AJA’s CION production camera, at up to 4K 60fps on Mac or Windows. KONA 4 will support AJA Raw capture from CION up to 4K 120fps on Windows. Additionally, 4K Avid DNxHR capture using KONA 4, KONA 3G, and Io 4K has been added to AJA Control Room and Avid Media Composer version 8.4, announced this week by Avid.

AJA Control Room is a unified, cross platform ingest, playback and output software, available for free for use with the latest KONA and Io products.

“At this year’s NAB we’re opening up several new options for capture,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “AJA Raw support is huge for many of our CION customers who already own and use KONA 4 or Io 4K devices in production, providing a cost effective and flexible approach for CION’s Raw workflows either on-set or in the edit suite. The addition of Avid’s great new DNxHR codec offers more options for high quality 4K finishing in an efficient file size.”

For streaming clients, the v12.2 integrated driver and plug-in package also includes expanded support for AJA Io Express products with Telestream’s Wirecast software.

AJA Io and AJA KONA products Available now at

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