New at NAB: Record back in time, Customizable Tagging and Play-out Server with New AtomOS6

Atomos announce a schedule of OS changes that bring with them exciting new features for the already popular Atomos Shogun. In the space of only 4 months, more than 15,000 Shoguns have rolled off the production line, arming film professionals around the world with the most streamlined, high quality way to create 4K productions. At NAB 2015, Atomos announce even more features for new and existing Shogun users, releasing details of upcoming enhancements for AtomOS6. Available via free download over the coming months, Shogun users will gain the following: • Custom meta data tagging • Pre-roll Recording • Time lapse video • Playlist generation “OS updates shouldn’t be just about bug fixes,” said Jeromy Young CEO of Atomos. “For AtomOS updates, equal Free Features that we share with new and existing Shogun users. This is the world you buy into with Atomos.” The new features open up 4 completely different creative angles for Shogun, described below. i) Custom Meta Data Tagging. Shogun, Ninja and Samurai users would already be familiar with the ability to tag content on the go i.e. marking content as Favorite/Reject on the fly or during review and saving out as an XML file that is dropped straight onto the timeline in FCPX. This latest firmware for Shogun takes things one step further. Now users can create their own custom meta data tags, storing up to “10” tags on the Shogun which are completely customisable. Imagine the ability to mark “Directors pick”, “Out takes”, “Over exposed”, “Audio Pop” and more, all the time slicing through the time taken for the main edit in post production. Available with AtomOS6.3 at the end May 2015. ii) Pre-roll Record or Cache Recording Sure to be a huge deal for documentary, sports and wildlife videographers, the Shogun will introduce Pre-roll Record. Even with Shogun not in recording mode, it will continually buffer content internally allowing the user to record the previous 8s of HD recording or 2s of 4K the moment you hit the record button. We go back in time to ensure missed takes are a thing of the past. On show at NAB, released with AtomOS6.3 at the end May 2015. iii) Time Lapse Video Time lapse lends itself to creative angles on everyday scenes and has traditionally been limited to photography. The Atomos video time lapse feature maximises video creativity by allowing both the duration of recording in number of frames or length of time and the interval be altered depending on the director’s intent and even multi stage recording is possible, altering the time and duration throughout the period of the shoot. Essentially we have made time lapse keyframeable and flexible in the video arena. Creative customers will be amazed at what they can achieve with this feature. On show at NAB, released with AtomOS6.3 at the end May 2015. iv) Playlist Generation One of the key features of Shogun is the ability to playback and review 4K footage on screen or out to a monitor taking advantage of the full suite of monitoring tools to check shot accuracy and tagging Favorite/Reject as a result. The new playlist function allows users to not only tag sections within a clip for play-out but also tag entire clips and have them all replayed as a playlist. Convenient when pulling together the best takes of the day or in commercial situations where 4K play-back for immediate storyline review is needed. Shogun is now the world’s first fully portable play-out server. On show at NAB, released with AtomOS6.3 at the end May 2015. These 4 exciting new OS feature improvements are in addition to the 7 new hardware enhancements, 25% student discount, 3 year warranty and exciting new $1695 price point announced for Shogun at NAB. offers a wide variety of Atomos Products. Click here to check them out!

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