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XPro GuyAvid Xpress Pro 5.2 is the latest version from Avid. With Xpress Pro you get to use the same industry standard editing interface used by Hollywood and the networks. When it comes to what editing really is – trimming, cutting and arranging your clips for the maximum impact – nothing comes close to Avid. Since it is a professional toolset, it can be intimidating and that is why we bundle Class On Demand Avid Xpress Pro training with every Avid Xpress Pro. This fast paced, easy to follow tutorial will have you up and editing in no time! Once you master Avid, you’ll never settle for any other editing solution. Version 5.2 adds native HDV support. Xpress Pro DNxHD CODEC allows you to work with and manage your HD footage more easily without sacrificing any video quality. With the Avid Open Timeline you can mix SD, DV, HDV & HD footage on the same timeline and still get real-time playback. One thing that often gets overlooked when shopping for video editing software is the “bundle!† Back in the days of video capture cards and real-time accelerators the bundle was everything. Today’s NLE software is so powerful and feature rich that we sometimes overlook all the valuable software that comes with it. Avid Xpress Pro comes with a HUGE amount of software - all top notch and very valuable.  · Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite ($399.95 value) the industry leading encoding software for DVD, Web streaming, Flash, and more!  · Smartsound Sonic Fire Pro ($279.95 value) Outstanding sound track creation software  · Boris FX ltd ($99.95 value) The top plug-in for adding 3D effects, filters and transitions  · Grafitti ltd ($99.95 value) The perfect tool for creating animated 3D titles  · Avid DVD by Sonic ($299.95 value)- Full featured DVD authoring software based on DVDit 6 Pro That's over a thousand dollars worth of third party software in the bundle! And let's remember that Avid includes a bunch of their own software - Marquee, Film Tools, Illusion FX, and Stabilizer with Xpress Pro. So not only do you get the best pure video editing tool, you get best of breed software to go along with it. All for just $1,495!! In addition to the Avid Xpress Pro 5.2 software bundle we offer 3 additional bundles that include even more hardware and software: 1. Xpress Pro with Avid Mojo - $2,295. You get Avid Xpress Pro with all of the additional software bundles outlined above, plus the Avid Mojo DNA real-time hardware accelerator. Mojo attaches to your computer or laptop via FireWire and it adds a ton of additional real-time performance in addition to analog I/O. You can playback analog composit, S-Video, DV or Component video directly from the timeline. Mojo also allows you to capture and edit uncompressed SD footage. When you work in HD, Mojo gives you real-time SD output so you can preview your work on a standard TV monitor while you edit. 2. Xpress Pro Mojo PowerPack - $2,995. This bundle includes everything you get with the Xpress Pro w/ Mojo bundle plus the Studio HD Toolkit. The Toolkit includes Avid FX & Avid 3D. Avid FX is based on Boris Red 3GL ($1499 value), the award winning professional effects plug-in. Avid FX is the only solution for editors who require broadcast-quality features for titling, effects, compositing and 3D directly inside Avid Xpress Pro. Avid 3D is the professional animation tool from Softimage – Avid’s animation division. Hollywood and the networks use Softimage XSI animation software every day. Avid 3D is template based, easy to use and designed specifically for Avid editors who need to integrate 3D objects into their projects. 3. Avid Xpress Studio HD Complete - $5,750. This is the Big Kahuna, the Whole Enchilada, the Mack Daddy of independent video production. You get everything included in the Xpress Pro Mojo PowerPack plus Digidesign ProTools LE, DV Toolkit and Digi002 control surface. That’s well over $3,000 worth of Digital Audio Workstation tools. DigiDesign ProTools is used in recording studios all over the world. The Digi002 control surface gives you fingertip control of all the tools you need to produce and mix your audio tracks, for both video and audio. For more information on Avid Xpress Pro and any of our Xpress Pro bundles click here or give our knowledgeable Avid Xpress Pro sales experts a call at 800 323-2325

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