New Features in the Premiere Pro 7.1 Update by Josh

This video goes over 14 of the best features and enhancements to the October 2013 update to Premiere Pro, Premiere Pro 7.1. Adobe has promised this update in late October 2013, so to get all you up to speed before you even get your hands on it, we’ve prepared a video about the updates. And yes, We Save the Best for Last!

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Add Edit takes clip selection into effect over track targeting
  2. Organizing Camera Angles in Multicam Mode and Seeing Effect Previews
  3. Editable Sequence Settings
  4. Cinema DNG supported
  5. Monitor Overlays with ability to transmit to broadcast monitor
  6. Frame hold options for much better hold frames.
  7. Relink and Keep interpret footage settings
  8. Ripple Sequence Markers
  9. Copy and Paste Transitions to multiple edit points at once
  10. Negative Value for speed duration instead of having to check reverse
  11. Preference to change trim type for selected edit point
  12. Sequence Hover Scrub and Thumbnail Preview
  13. Render Multiple Sequences at Once
  14. Direct Link to Speed Grade

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