New Firmware for Convergent Design Odyssey7 Delivers 240P Framrate

Screen Shot 08-07-15 at 01.35 PMOnce again the gang over at Convergent Design have upped the ante and pushed the performance of their Odyssey7 series of field monitor/recorders to the next level! The new firmware ups the max frame rate for ProRes 4K resolution to 60P. If you own an FS7 or FS700 you can capture HD at up to 240p.
Studio Daily by Bryant Frazer A new firmware update for the Convergent Design Odyssey7 line of monitor/recorders adds new ProRes capabilties. Firmware 2015.8 increases the maximimum frame rate on the 7Q and 7Q+ to 60p for 4K and UHD resolution capture and to 240p for HD capture on the Sony FS7 and FS700 only.. High frame rate support for more cameras will be added in future updates, the company said in a statement claiming that no other devices on the market can record HD ProRes at 240p. Also new in this release is the ability to record 4K and QHD raw from the Canon C300 Mark II, along with a new vectorscope with variable zoom up to 15x, support for ProRes recording up to 29.97p on the Canon XC10, and some more minor fixes and improvements. The new firmware is online now. Here's the announced new feature list from Convergent Design: read more...

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