THE WEEKLY 'VIDEO PODCAST' FEATURES TWO OFTEN-OPPOSING POINTS OF VIEW ON THE LASTEST TECH NEWS AND GADGETS NeoFight Podcast April 17th, 2006 - Phoenix, AZ - This week marks the premiere of a brand new Internet-based television show, or 'podcast', dedicated to bringing two points of view to the latest in computers, technology, websites, and gadgets. The show can be seen at Unlike other tech-shows that speak only to the geeks among us,'s hosts Ben Freedman and Tiffany Young get together each week to debate the value of the latest technological offerings from two different points of view. Ben tends to be your typical uber-geek, satisfied by anything with blinking LEDs, while Tiffany provides the sober reflection of 'Does this actually make my life better?'. While traditional TV shows must be watched at a certain hour and are restricted by time constraints and channel availability, is a podcast, which means it is distributed in several formats over the Internet. Each episode can be downloaded 'on-demand' for immediate or later viewing. From the website, you can watch the show right in your browser window, download it to your computer hard drive in various formats (including audio-only for those who wish to listen in the car), or you can 'subscribe' to the podcast via Apple's iTunes software, or one of several other podcasting site. Once subscribed, every episode of will be automatically 'recorded' or downloaded to your computer each week, 'tivo-style', and can be watched at your leisure or automatically sent to your iPod or similar device for watching 'on-the-go'. Users of Windows Media Center can download and watch the show on their home television sets. "It's the future of broadcasting," said co-host Benjamin Freedman, "You can watch when you want, where you want, and we're not limited to a fixed 30 minutes. If we have more to say, we can go longer without getting in trouble from 'the network'". will also feature responses by the hosts to email sent in each week via the website, and will offer 'video-blogs' from other contributors as the show develops. For more information, or to submit questions, please visit

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