New Low Prices on G-Tech G-RAIDs!

NEW LOW PRICES on G-Tech Storage!

If you've been a fan or customer of Videoguys over the years, then you know that our go to recommendation for external video storage are the G-Tech G-RAIDs. G-RAIDs are stylish, external RAID devices that have unsurpassed reliability and performance. They attach to your Laptop or Workstation via eSata, USB2 or Firewire 800/400. G-RAIDs have been our top recommendation since they were first introduced and we awarded it Top New Product in 2004.

The G-Tech GRAID 4th Generation keeps up their tradition of excellence and once again shows why they are the defacto standard for video editing storage. We recommend and bundle G-RAIDs with all our NLE software including Adobe CS6 Production Premium & Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6, Sony Vegas Pro 11, Grass Valley EDIUS and of course Apple Final Cut Pro and FCPX.

G-RAIDs are available in 2TB ($265.99), 4TB ($379.99) and 6TB ($569.99) sizes. The new 8TB ($749.95) solutions are expected to ship later this month and we are accepting pre-orders now. also offers an exclusive bundle of the G-RAID 4TB model together with the Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks software (a $90 value) for just $399!!

G-Tech announced at NAB that the new Thunderbolt series of G-RAIDs had begun shipping, but we do not have them available yet. We hope to get our first shipment of Thunderbolt G-RAIDs at the end of June, and we will begin taking back orders on or about June 1st.


G-RAID is designed specifically for professional content creation applications like Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS6, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas, and more! G-RAID features a high-speed interface - 3 Gbit eSATA, FireWire 800 (FireWire 400 via cable) and USB 2.0 ports - and is available in storage capacities up to an amazing 6TB! When connected via eSATA, G-RAID provides data transfers rates in excess of 200MB/second to support demanding post production environments.

2TB $265.99
4TB $379.99
6TB $569.99
8TB $749.95

Thunderbolt Coming Soon!

G-SPEED Q provides content creators a high-performance, quad-interface, 4-bay RAID solution for every type of digital asset. Equipped with 3Gbit eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400* and USB 2.0, the quiet and stylish G-SPEED Q features an internal RAID controller, solid, all-alluminum enclosure with (4) hot-swappable hard disk drive modules and "Smart Fan" technology. The internal RAID controller features the Oxford 936SE, supporting RAID 0 for maximum performance or RAID 5 for data protection. RAID configuration is accomplished through a simple Mac or PC application. G-SPEED Q's small footprint and portability make it perfect for laptop applications where high capacity and RAID protection is important. The high performance quad interface features (1) eSATA, (2) FireWire 800, and (1) USB 2.0 port.

4TB $759.99
8TB $1,239.99

12TB $1,699.00

Wireless Storage

The perfect solution for expanded capacity
for your Tablet or Smartphone!

G-CONNECT is designed for on-the-go access to content through the iPad and iPhone. Use it to access content that’s not already loaded on a mobile device, including movies, music, books, photos, and documents. G-CONNECT can wirelessly stream high definition content to up to 3 devices or standard definition content to up to 5 devices simultaneously. It even acts as a WiFi Internet access point for 5+ users! G-CONNECT is the ideal storage device for the home, dorm room, office, or hotel.

500GB $189.95

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