New Monitors including the Cine 7 from SmallHD

SmallHD continues to showcase their new monitors, and the newest, introduced at NAB 2019, is the compact Cine 7 monitor, designed to support ARRI, RED and Sony cameras. This monitor is not the only new solution from SmallHD, so this video takes viewers through some of the newest monitors brought to you by the company recently, all on display at NAB 2019.

The highlight of SmallHD’s booth, though, is the just announced Cine 7 monitor, which supports the ARRI ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, and Mini LF cameras as an optional software license. That’s just the beginning, because support for RED and Sony is coming later this year, according to the company. Watch the video to know more about SmallHD monitors. Click here to read the full article.

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