New Prices & Demo for SmallHD's SmallHDR Production Monitors

Here a glimpse of the new SmallHDR field monitor - a rugged design daylight-friendly production accessory for cameras. From the looks of SmallHD's new "Torture Tested" video, this production monitor is hard to break!

SmallHD Announces Production Monitor Prices and Proves Value with Slow-Mo Durability Demo

CreativeCow News smallhd-blogSmallHD announces pricing of their new daylight-viewable SmallHDR Production Monitors and releases a new video on featuring extreme durability tests of the displays in super slow motion.
“These are unbelievably rugged production monitors, and the same level of build quality is demonstrated in every model.” says Wes Phillips, SmallHD Co-Founder, “Downtime can be a very expensive side-effect of a monitor built without durability in mind, so we took it upon ourselves to prove that these are the toughest monitors on the market.”
Facing off against baseball bats, off-road vehicles, .40 caliber handguns and more, SmallHD’s new HDR production monitors are truly put through the paces in the latest video found on Demonstrating how milled billet aluminum housings and thick screen protection can prevent damage in even the most severe production accidents, extreme slow-motion shots reveal every bend and twist as the monitors fight to survive each punishing test...[continue reading on CreativeCow news]

Durability Test

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