New SanDisk Thunderbolt Card Reader/Dock will be Great for Video Professionals

SanDisk’s new Pro-Dock 4 is a dream come true for post production professionals. It lets you mix and match four card reading modules, and import them to your computer simultaneously via a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.

The Pro-Dock 4 was announced recently as a superior card reading solution.  The dock is similar in form to Lexar's Workflow hub and other popular drive shuttles of this type.  One major feature that was absent in many of these similar drives is Thunderbolt daisy chaining, which is a key feature of the Pro-Dock 4.

Another feature that post production professionals will love is the 260W power supply for devices and accessories, adding a handy charging feature to the dock.  

Sandisk's Pro-Dock 4 also supports CFast, CFexpress, Red's Mini-Mags, CF, MicroSD and SD formats.  

One of the best aspects of the drive is the portability.  It's perfect for going on location, where you can only fit one drive but need more power than that. 

Check out this article from to learn more.  

Learn more about Sandisk HERE.

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