New Updated Open Source Control Software for PTZOptics Cameras

Control your PTZOptics Camera from this opensource app made by ProperNerd for either Mac or Windows. He even added some features that weren't originally a part of the control software. The article below is the original announcement, but the app is current and updated. Check it out: Looking for pan tilt zoom cameras for your live production needs? The ability to stream video and audio from every camera is a unique feature for PTZOptics which allows camera control from any computer on the same network or android device with the PTZOptics camera app. You can see PTZOptics affordable line of cameras here. From ProperNerd

...I got started looking through the code and at first was just going to fix and clean up what they had provided. After spending some time with it I decided it would be worth it to completely start from scratch....

Once everything was in place I realized it could fairly easily be converted into an actual desktop app. Rather than using a web browser to access it, including all the clutter and overhead that comes with, I could have it run in it’s own window and keep the desktop much cleaner....[continue reading]

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