New Updates to Epiphan Pearl Family

Epiphan recently announced the new improvements coming to the Pearl Family of systems.

Linking an ecosystem of NDI cameras
The Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini can now be deployed in more workflows utilizing networked cameras.

Pearl Mini:

  • Now supports two NDI|HX inputs
  • Queries NDI Discovery servers for available NDI sources


  • Upgraded to NDI 5
  • Supports Full NDI inputs, up to three
  • Supports NDI|HX inputs, up to six
  • Allows one Full NDI output in 4K30 or four 1080p30 outputs
  • Queries and registers with an NDI Discovery server

Epiphan Connect for Microsoft Teams direct integration 
All Pearl systems get a direct Epiphan Connect integration, allowing users to bring Microsoft Teams participants and persistent screen share into their local production in 1080p HD with isolated audio. By connecting cloud-to-edge, Epiphan Connect maps video participants to paired Pearl inputs, delivering the industry’s first integrated hybrid solution, making it easy on creators, producers, and broadcasters alike.

New and enhanced control system integrations
A new Q-SYS plugin for Pearl will be made available to download towards the end of February through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager, allowing Q-SYS customers to add Pearls to their automation ecosystems. 

  • Automatically activate connected cameras, audio sources, and start recording and streaming with Pearl from any Q-SYS touch screen controller
  • Ability to customize the Pearl plug-in for precise, streamlined recording and streaming support

An improved Crestron driver will also be available through the company’s Application Market for enhanced integration and customization when adding a Pearl into any Crestron-controlled space.

  • New video and audio previews on Crestron control touch screens

More details on these updates – including release notes, improvements to SRT useability, upgrades to the Epiphan Live switcher, and enhancements to Pearl’s Panopto integration – will be made available when firmware version 4.18 is released at the end of February.

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