NewBlue and VASST Improve AVCHD Performance with AVCHD UpShift

avchdVideo editors no longer have to wrestle with unwieldy AVCHD files thanks to AVCHD UpShift, software to assist video editors in AVCHD editing and process the latest generation of high definition video. A joint product from NewBlue, Inc., makers of NewBlueFX and VASST (Video, Audio, Software, Support, Training), AVCHD UpShift speeds workflow by converting AVCHD format files into HDV format files and allows for significant performance gains when editing AVCHD media on today’s PC-based video editing platforms.

"This application will make a tremendous difference in the AVCHD editing workflow of every editor. Compared to working with native AVCHD files, the workflow from AVCHD UpShift transcoded files is much faster and smoother." commented Douglas Spotted Eagle, Managing Producer of VASST.

AVCHD UpShift easily converts AVCHD (.mts) files into high quality HDV (.m2t) files, compatible with HD enabled video editors on the PC platform. Additionally, users can batch convert AVCHD files directly from the MSPD, CF, SDHC, CF cards, or DVD/HDD-based camcorder storage.

UpShift files are not constrained by storage system limitations; a Higher Bitrate file may be generated, assuring high-quality throughput and recompression in the editing suite. In addition, AVCHD Upshift offers user-selectable bitrate and ability to convert single files. Files may be converted for best speed, best quality, or a combination of both and stored files may be converted for best editing speed/workflow, and re-converted later (from original AVCHD files) for higher quality output. AVCHD Upshift help avoids the pitfalls of a slow AVCHD editor.

AVCHD Upshift is the first collaboration between VASST and NewBlue, Inc. The joint effort brings video editors a strong combination of experience in both technology and technique.

Remarks Todor Fay, Chief Technical Officer of NewBlue, Inc. , "NewBlue is excited about the release of AVCHD UpShift and the opportunity to work with VASST. Our experience developing the NewBlueFX line of video effects complements VASST’s market reach and knowledge. Together, we created AVCHD UpShift as a tool as easy-to-use and powerful as our current effects and transitions for non-linear editors."

AVCHD UpShift is priced competitively at $49.95 and is available on both the VASST and NewBlue website for immediate purchase.

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