NewBlue Announces Captivate WeatherCast

Exciting News: NewBlue Launches WeatherCast, the Latest Addition to Captivate! Explore Real-time, Location-specific Weather Forecast Graphics for Live Broadcasts. Seamlessly Integrates into Captivate, Offering Customizable Hourly or Daily Weather Updates.

Introducing Captivate WeatherCast

WeatherCast Tutorial: Master Weather Graphics within Captivate

WeatherCast offers real-time, location-specific weather forecast graphics. Ideal for live broadcasts, it seamlessly integrates into Captivate, allowing for customizable hourly or daily weather updates.


  • Compatible with any version of Captivate: Present & Sport.
  • Part of the latest update of Captivate Broadcast.
  • Includes Customizable Graphic Templates

Real-Time Weather Graphics

  • Quick Intelligent Setup: WeatherCast integrates smoothly with Captivate, eliminating the need for complex import workflows.
  • Comprehensive Forecasting: Offering daily, hourly, current, and 10-day forecasts, WeatherCast delivers a detailed view of weather patterns, providing the information needed to present effectively.
  • User-Friendly Location Input: Simply input a city name or postal code to access localized weather data.
  • Multilingual: WeatherCast data is localized in over 50 selectable languages, ensuring appropriate display anywhere in the world.
  • Dynamic Data Display: Experience real-time data updates across multiple cities with up-to-date, relevant information.

Customizable Integration

  • Metric and Non-Metric Measurement Options: Catering to different regional preferences, WeatherCast allows the choice between metric and non-metric units, making the data universally comprehensible.
  • Interactive Graphics: Select different cities, and watch the data dynamically update your graphics.
  • Location Sequencing: Set locations and interval for a seamless, automated experience.
  • Data Customization: Access Over 80 different Weather Variables for Customized Reporting. Feature multiple cities simultaneously or in sequence for flexible weather coverage.

Professional-Quality Visuals

  • WeatherCast stands out for its ability to deliver broadcast-quality, visually engaging weather graphics.
  • Create compelling weather segments that not only inform but also captivate their audience, distinguishing their broadcasts in a competitive media landscape

Captivate Present and Sport will be able to purchase the plugin for $499 USD. Captivate Broadcast will include WeatherCast for free.

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