NewBlue FX Black Friday Specials with 30% Off Your Favorite Plug-ins

Save 30% on all your favorite plugins from NewBlueFX. Transform your scenes through compositing with Elements 3 Ultimate; transport your audience from scene to scene with light, color, and motion from Transitions 5 Ultimate; add stunning titles to your production with any of the Titler Pro titling template packs*; punch up the colors with ColorFast 2 or save $449 when you get the complete collection of titling, transitions and video effects in TotalFX 5.

*Sale applies to all NewBlueFX products except Titler Live 3 Broadcast and Titler Pro 6, Titler Pro 6 Elite, and Titler Pro 6 Ultimate. Titling template packs require Titler Pro 2 and above.

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