NewBlue FX Updated Titler Pro 5 for Faster and More Efficient Titling

NewBlueFX has added over 60 new improvements to their updated Titler Pro 5. If you are looking to create powerful, animated and multi-dimensional titles, this is a great option!

Here are a few of the new key features in Titler Pro 5:

  • Still Mode: Speed up your workflow by removing the need for timely caching on your simple titles
  • Quick Edit & Title Designer: Jump between titles to change text, colors or an entire design without ever leaving the Title Designer interface
  • New Control Organization: Access your library, title list, attributes panel all from within the reconfigured title designer.
  • Flexible Workspaces: Maximize your efficiency with tear-away panels and adjustable workspaces.
  • New Animation Presets: Easily create complex motion graphics with animation presets
  • Overhauled Edit Modes: Achieve greater ease over your text editing, scaling, positioning, layout, and more.
  • Timeline Object and Keyframing Control: Achieve more precise editing and keyframing within your design timeline.
  • New Range Select and Lasso Control: Leverage the new lasso control to attain even more efficiency with enhanced options for a variety of multi-selection tasks. Grab, move and adjust titles or select multiple titles with ease through intuitive positioning and lasso controls.
  • Adaptive Duration Management: Enjoy the freedom of taking a single, animated design and applying it to various title durations.
  • NEW Smart Library: View only what you need in the library depending on your selection.
  • Bevel preset thumbnails: Visual bevel preset options
  • Menu structure: Easily find what you need through a reorganized menu structure.

Take a look at the exciting new features in Titler Pro 5.

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