NewBlue Launches Fusion 2 Turnkey Graphics Solution

Your turnkey broadcast graphics system is here! NewBlue launches their line of Fusion 2 turnkey hardware on-air graphics system. Fusion 2 combines processing power with Titler Live Broadcast for an affordable, end-to-end graphics solution.

"Fusion 2 provides an on-air graphics broadcast solution now with NDI and SDI options. It's the perfect solution for a variety of live production environments and budgets,” said Karen Gauthier, NewBlue’s Chief Product Officer. “We’re also offering the ‘Extreme’ version which includes support for high resolution 8K workflows, along with 20 hours of professional services which can include technical, creative or workflow consultation and engineering."

Fusion 2 comes in three flavors. Fusion 2 NDI, Fusion 2 SDI and Fusion 2 Extreme and range in prices from $6,9955 to $15,995. Titler Live 4 Broadcast is preinstalled in each Fusion 2 hardware solution which allows customers create custom motion graphics easily using the built-in Title Designer. 

Check out the full press release announcing the NewBlue Fusion 2 here!

Learn more about NewBlue here!


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