NewBlue Launches Major Upgrade to their Live Streaming Graphics and Titling Software

NewBlue's Titler Live 5 is here! Titler Live 5 graphics and titling software transforms your live productions and delivers enhances usability and new features to the live broadcast market. Available in Present and Sport, or do it all with Broadcast

"Titler Live 5 boasts flexibility and features not seen in previous editions. Titler Live 5 can output graphics to virtually any switcher, using industry standard hardware and software integrations. Additionally, Titler Live 5 natively visualizes data from a wide range of sources, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Slides, and can be customized to input data from any source, per the API. Titler Live 5 also adds support for media clips, live video sources, and multi-data editing."

New features include:

  • Streamlined UI.
  • Google Sheets, Slides* and Microsoft Excel Controller.
  • Direct import of images, audio and video media.
  • Multi-entry mode – built-in spreadsheet style playout control.
  • Full Range of Live Video Sources, including NDI, Webcam, DeckLink, Screen
    Capture and Browser Capture.
  • Automated Graphic Scaling.
  • Cache Preview in Title Designer.
  • PTZ Cameras.*^.
  • Downstream key *^. 

*Unavailable in Titler Live 5 Sport | ^Unavailable in Titler Live 5 Present 

"The Titler Live 5 family of live graphics software brings major advancements to video producers and broadcasters. Not only will these video professionals find it easier to use, they’ll greatly appreciate our expanded support for new data controllers and the addition of media playout and a full range of live video sources.”
Todor Fay, Co-founder and CEO of NewBlue


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