NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4 leverages Cache & GPU for Optimal Workflow

Surfing Giants - Preview Render Quality_0Last week NewBlueFX released the ltest version of their award winning 3d character generation & titling program Titler Pro 4. Titler Pro is a phenomenal plug-in, letting you add top notch broadcast quality animated titles, lower thirds and just about any kind of titles you can imagine to your video. Thats why Avid started bundling it with Media Composer a few years ago. With the newly released Titler Pro 4 they ahve raised the bar again for prformance and features. NewBlueFX Blog Tired of stuttering titles? Forget the lag and get smooth playback with Titler Pro 4’s new caching features. Titler Pro 4 caching and quality choices deliver flexibility for every stage of the editing process, faster render speeds during your final movie output and playback in real-time regardless of your title’s complexity. Simply put, caching is the key to faster titling. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this workflow-enhancing feature set: What is caching? When a title is cached, frames are temporarily stored on disk in order to be available for playback without having to generate the title on the fly every time. read more...

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