NewBlueFX: Our Top 10 Film Editing Blogs

Looking for helpful blogs to accelerate your editing skills? Maybe you're already a professional editor looking to keep up with the trends in media. Whatever you consider yourself there are helpful blogs out there for you. Searching around for one or two might seem like an overwhelming task in itself. Luckily NewBlueFX's Katia Graves sheds light on where to go for quality quick information in this top ten list. From Avid Media Composer to Adobe Premiere, these blogs will have the insight you're looking for.

The world’s first blogger started his journey only a couple of years after non-linear editing ignited the film editing industry. Avid 1, the first modern non-linear editor, brought an incredibly innovative improvement to film editing only a few years before the creation of the first blog in 1994.

In 1994, something groundbreaking happened: what experts consider to be the first blog hit the web,, an HTML platform where curator Justin Hall used to share his thoughts and favorite links.

Only a few years before, in 1991, Avid 1, the first modern non-linear editor and part of Media Composer systems, brought an incredibly innovative improvement to film editing, including timeline editing and clip bins. And this was just the beginning...[continue reading]

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