NEWS from NAB Show Floor - $100 Off Avid Liquid PLUS Another Big Splash

Avid LiquidI just heard from the Videoguys' walking the floor at the NAB trade show and they were excited to see that Avid is offering $100 off when you buy a new Avid Liquid or Avid Liquid Pro for the next two weeks (Until May 5th). They're giving out special coupon codes to people at NAB who watch a demo at the show as an on-site special. The good news is that this is the same coupon code we're offering right here at - LIQUID100. Just type this coupon number at checkout when you order Avid Liquid or Avid Liquid Pro before May 5th and SAVE $100! As an added bonus... Avid is making a "BIG SPLASH" at NAB with another special promotion on the Avid Liquid & Avid Liquid Pro. Order now and get the BIG SPLASH BONUS including Hollywood FX Pro, TitleDeko Pro and Magic Bullet! will also include the FREE Training DVD & Cable Kit with all Avid Liquid Pro purchases. Click here for more info and to place your order

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