Avid LiquidI just heard from the Videoguys' walking the floor at the NAB trade show and they were excited to see that Avid is offering $100 off when you buy a new Avid Liquid or Avid Liquid Pro for the next two weeks (Until May 5th). They're giving out special coupon codes to people at NAB who watch a demo at the show as an on-site special. The good news is that this is the same coupon code we're offering right here at www.videoguys.com - LIQUID100. Just type this coupon number at checkout when you order Avid Liquid or Avid Liquid Pro before May 5th and SAVE $100! As an added bonus... Avid is making a "BIG SPLASH" at NAB with another special promotion on the Avid Liquid & Avid Liquid Pro. Order now and get the BIG SPLASH BONUS including Hollywood FX Pro, TitleDeko Pro and Magic Bullet! Videoguys.com will also include the FREE Training DVD & Cable Kit with all Avid Liquid Pro purchases. Click here for more info and to place your order

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