NewTek 3Play Delivers Advanced Multi-camera Editing Solutions

Advanced multi-camera editing solutions.

Get more from your multi-camera productions.

(Shouting “Cut!” is just the start.) Anyone editing multi-camera video knows the moment the camera stops is just the start of the hard work. To deliver the kind of production people can’t wait to see you need to:
  • Assemble and ingest all the footage
  • Select the best shots and the best angles
  • And sync and edit the whole show together
If you’re like most video professionals, chances are you find this to be a slow, painstaking process from beginning to end. The good news: it doesn’t have to be this way.

Solving the critical post-production issues you face on every production.

It’s time for a change. Make the move to 3Play® and you’ll be able to:
  • ISO-record all your footage in real time—no shuffling through memory cards or waiting for hours of video to digitize
  • Log and tag clips quickly and easily for super-fast shot selection
  • And, because all feeds are automatically synced, editing them together has never been easier or faster

The numbers speak for themselves.

30x faster editing
5 min set up
∞ possibilities

How NewTek 3Play helps you do so much more.

Today, to fully achieve your ambitions, you need a system that enables you to do more than ever with less time, people, and resources. No problem. 3Play not only makes editing a dream, it also includes powerful additional capabilities such as: Dance Room Add sophisticated on-screen graphics and transitions. Behind the Scenes Store and automate repetitive actions with macro commands.
Violin Player Create playlists in the moment to save a ton of time later. You can watch a video, download guidelines, and read more here.

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