NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition With NDI Is Here!!

Screen Shot 03-16-16 at 02.10 PMToday NewTek released NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition 2.0 software for TriCaster. In addition to upgrading your TriCaster with additional features and tools, this update includes the long awaited, much hyped NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface) enabling switching and mixing over IP! If you already own Advanced Edition you can download the newest version FREE from NewTek. If you are not yet running Advanced Edition on your TriCaster, you owe it to yourself to read this full blog post, learn about NDI and get yourself on Advanced Edition as quickly as possible. Those of you on older model TriCaster may need to upgrade to the latest hardware in order to run Advanced Edition. Give us a call 800-323-2325 or drop me an email and we'll be happy to get you a great deal on a TriCaster TradeUp bundles with Advanced Edition!

Unlock Your Production Potential with NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition

Right out of the box, your TriCaster is the most complete multi-camera production system on the planet. And now you can advance it even further. With no additional hardware needed, power up your productions with TriCaster Advanced Edition software. Unlock your TriCaster's potential with more than 100 production-enabling capabilities that will push your shows way beyond expectations. NDI: Standard Networking. Exponential Power. Open up new frontiers with NDI™ protocol, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology powering your video productions—over IP. Send and receive real-time, frame-accurate video from cameras and devices in different locations, all on a standard network infrastructure. Access the inputs and outputs of any compatible device on your network, tapping into exponentially more media sources for any production. Grow your channel count with additional inputs, mixing any video from both hardware connections and IP video sources. And seamlessly integrate audio over IP, connecting to Dante-enabled audio devices anywhere in your facility. Increase Inputs, Virtually Dramatically increase your TriCaster’s inputs with expanded router support. Multiply the number of cameras and live video inputs available with upstream router control on every TriCaster Pro Line system—even TriCaster Mini. You never have to limit your camera count again.

IP-workflow-image2 (1)NewTek NDI Advanced IP Workflow

  • Video Over IP Send and receive real-time, low-latency, frame-accurate video over IP on a standard network infrastructure via the Network Device Interface (NDI) protocol, with any NDI-enabled device on the same LAN available as a video source or destination.
  • Audio Over IP Send and receive multi-channel audio over IP on a standard network infrastructure via the NDI protocol, NewTek's innovative Network Device Interface technology, with any NDI-enabled device on the same LAN available as and audio source or destination.
  • IP Source Selection Access the inputs and outputs of NDI-enabled devices on the same network from any external input on the TriCaster switcher—dramatically increasing the amount of available video sources for any production.
  • IP Outputs Distribute more video from your TriCaster system, supplying your choice of output signals, sub-mixes or individual sources to NDI-enabled devices with 4 fully configurable, IP video outputs.
Create Your Masterpiece Realize boundless creative expression and create maximum visual impact with a full-motion composition engine that supercharges the DVE capabilities of TriCaster 8000, 860, and 460. Create new dimensions for virtual sets on every model with real-time, animated lens flares and augmented layers of 3D graphics or text that appear—and behave—as though they're elements within the studio, interacting with your talent, tracking with the camera, and floating in the set. And take the look and feel of your program to the next level with improved graphics processing, upgraded rendering, and top-level capabilities like sweet border and box effects you can design and customize yourself. Drive Graphics with Data Free your production from the monumental time and effort of manually inputting data for on-screen graphics. Deliver beautiful, template-based graphics with real-time feeds from internal or external sources, and minimize data-entry errors with automated, data-driven graphics. Smarter Control Give yourself more time to focus on critical production responsibilities. Allow your TriCaster to automate and control the more straightforward parts of your shows. You'll benefit from greater command over in-show production with highly customizable programming and triggering for macro controls, self-detecting inputs, auto-correcting color match settings, and intelligent mix/effects settings. Capture Every Audience Reach more viewers wherever they consume media, and grow your brand's reach with the ability to share your content in more places and on the right channels. TriCaster Advanced Edition provides faster setups and higher-performing live streaming to multiple channels at once—and to the namedrop-worthy Microsoft Azure and YouTube Live channels. And social sharing is possible on more platforms and in more account combinations than ever before with the addition of Vimeo, LinkedIn, Imgur, and as publishing targets. Mix Live. Look Like Post. Put more than just switched cameras into your live show with real-time elements that shrink post-production time and give live viewers a treat. Pre-produced packages, ISO-recorded clips, and active recordings can all be mixed, trimmed, and edited during the program—with new playlist effects and transitions between DDR media to create compelling live mixes, and even in-show replay to recreate memorable moments at any speed. Maximum Sophistication Achieve all new levels of visual mastery from your TriCaster 860 or 460 with premium mix/effects and overlay capabilities never before available on NewTek's core XD systems. Produce unbelievably sophisticated on-screen compositions that captivate audiences, stacking layer upon layer of submixes with M/E re-entry. Get more from your green screen, placing talent into elaborate virtual environments that support up to 4 simultaneous sources. And explore new titling and branding opportunities with 4 DSK overlays on the switcher and 4 KEY layers on each M/E—more than tripling the number of overlay effects channels available for every production.
NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition User Guide Even if you are the hands-on, never-ask-directions type, please peruse this page. If any questions about your TriCaster arise later, you may find the information here allows you to jump directly to the details you need with a minimum of reading. 
  • PART I – GETTING STARTED Introduction to TriCaster™: connecting devices (cameras, monitors, etc.) and registration, ending with Basic Training – a brisk jog through helpful resources available to help you become familiar with TriCaster operations and features. 
  • PART II – REFERENCE This section covers every arcane detail related to using TriCaster (for those who need it, and those who just like to know everything). 
  • PART III – APPENDICES Leads off with a handy section titled “How do I …?“, a helpful question and answer section with its own brief index. When you have a specific need, you may well find a quick answer here, along with cross references to more detailed information when appropriate. Appendix D lists all shortcut keys. You will also find a comprehensive keyword index in Part III.
Note: Consistency of layout, controls and features is a noteworthy attribute of the professional TriCaster family. This makes it easy for you to move between TriCaster models without either a significant learning curve or errors, and also lets us reveal them in a single manual. Model differences are noted in this Guide where necessary by remarks such as “TriCaster 8000 only”,”8-input models only”, etc All professional model TriCasters bear a strong family resemblance. The user interfaces of TriCaster Mini, 410, 460 and 860 have a great deal in common with the flagship system, TriCaster 8000. The latter, of course, has a number of unique attributes and features, but many aspects of the workflow and user software are intentionally very similar. Among other benefits, this makes it easy for TriCaster users working with multiple machines to feel right at home and avoid errors. TRICASTER™ ADVANCED EDITION Any TriCaster is an extremely powerful, innovative, and cost-effective tool for creative producers. With the introduction of TriCaster Advanced Edition, we have taken things to a whole new level for those who need Page | 6 to simplify or automate complex workflows, design innovate outside-the-box solutions to creative problems, or who just demand the very best of the best
TriCaster Automation and Integration Guide NewTek live production systems deliver awesome production power ‘right out of the box’. Their ability to simplify and automate custom operations and workflows, and to leverage the features and content of other platforms in the ecosystem, is the icing on the cake. This guide introduces all of these capabilities.
  • PART I – OVERVIEW: The introduction to the NewTek ecosystem also explains the organization of this guide. Third-party developers who are interested in participating in the NewTek Developer Program will also find this discussion helpful as an introduction to the way their products can interact with NewTek products. 
  • PART II – AUTOMATION: Introduction to the NewTek product macro system, including the TriCaster™ and 3Play™ macro implementations, all about macro editing and management, and discussion of the numerous ways you can trigger macros. This section also covers mirroring TriCaster 8000 systems. 
  • PART III – INTEGRATION: This section covers cross-product and cross-platform integration and communication. 
  • PART IV – APPENDICES: Information on the NewTek Developers Network, Third Party solutions, a master Macro Command list, and a time-saving comprehensive keyword index.

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