NewTek Announces Connect Spark Pro 4K NDI Converter

connect spark pro 4KComing Soon! The latest addition to the Connect Spark family is Connect Spark Pro for fast and easy 4K to NDI® conversion! With NewTek's original Connect Sparks, you could connect any HDMI or SDI camera and make it NDI compatible. Now there is an option for capturing 4K UHD video. From NewTek

Capture 4K UHD video directly from the source and translate to NDI for use with any compatible system, device, or software on your network with the NewTek Connect Spark™ Pro video more

4K UHD to NDI®

Turn any compatible 4K UHD device into an IP video source instantly. Simply plug it into Connect Spark Pro, and the signal is translated to full-bandwidth NDI®. No complex configuration or excessive cabling required.

Virtual PTZ

Get more sources from every signal with integrated Virtual PTZ functionality. Start with the full-resolution video image, define different areas of interest, then store as full-frame shot presets that you can switch or move between seamlessly.

Multicast Mode

Have your 4K UHD source available wherever you need it on your network. With the optional multicast mode enabled, the same NDI® output from your Connect SparkPro can be served to multiple destinations simultaneously, saving valuable bandwidth.

Sleek Design

Camera-mountable, with built-in tally lights and support for Power over Ethernet (POE), Connect Spark Pro integrates effortlessly into any professional production setup or studio environment.

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