NewTek Announces Major Upgrade to TriCaster STUDIOâ„¢

Tricaster StudioFree upgrade adds new preview monitor mode, full-featured character generator, and other significant improvements

San Antonio, Texas -- December 5, 2007 -- NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced the release of a major upgrade to its TriCaster STUDIOâ„ ¢ portable live production and virtual set system. Key new capabilities in the update include features that provide additional preview options when switching live camera sources and greater flexibility when creating text and title treatments. The upgrade is available immediately as a free download to TriCaster STUDIO owners.

New features of TriCaster STUDIO include:
  • Full-featured character generator, including scrolls and crawls, and the ability to easily produce title templates for live production.
  • Titles can be placed up-stream of every input individually.
  • New 3 camera dedicated on-screen preview monitor display mode.
  • An iVGA underscan button that allows control over whether or not a VGA input fills the entire video frame.
  • Improved keying and ease-of-use with an optimized LiveMatteâ„ ¢ engine.
  • A Y/C across BNC option that allows users to create long cable-runs on site using two shielded BNC cables, which is sturdier and more cost-effective than using an S-Video cable.
  • Video editor improvements based on SpeedEDIT 1.5, with new video effects, audio filters and other features.
  • Additional tools will be available to allow you to create your own LiveSetâ„ ¢ virtual sets with Lightwave 3D v9.
“TriCaster has completely upended the economics of live production and streaming,’† said Andrew Cross, NewTek’s Executive Vice President of Software Engineering. “There’s nothing on the market that even comes close to TriCaster STUDIO‘s extensive suite of portable live production capabilities.† TriCaster STUDIO provides all of the capabilities of a live remote production truck including: component video, balanced audio, six video inputs and advanced switching features, live virtual sets, multiple upstream effects, title graphics, dual virtual playback DDR's and an additional record DDR, live streaming and much more, in a small, 16-pound package. TriCaster STUDIO makes it possible to cover live events and broadcast and stream from locations where the use of remote truck facilities are not feasible. Virtual Sets The proprietary virtual set system in TriCaster STUDIO, LiveSetâ„ ¢ allows separate virtual sets to be assigned independently to all six camera inputs and the dual integrated DDR’s. In addition, each input has an independent LiveMatteâ„ ¢ module eliminating the need for expensive keying or frame-sync hardware. Each virtual set supports virtual cameras with multiple angles and focal lengths with support for secondary video sources such as on-screen background monitors. The photo-realistic LiveSet engine allows real-time rendering of reflections, refractions, bump maps and more. Pricing and Availability TriCaster STUDIO in NTSC is available in North America for $9,995US through December 31, 2007. The price will increase to $10,995US January 1, 2008.

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