NewTek Announces Integration with TriCaster

Integration between companies is a key in expanding business. Allowing for your product to work with another brings not only businesses together but also brings customers together. NewTek has done this over and over and now a new partner has emerged to join in their reach. is now integrated into TriCaster systems as a pre-configured destination for streamers. provides more than just a landing spot for live streamers, it is a service form "high-quality streaming to multiple destinations". This allows producers to be able to offload some of the work a TriCaster system is normally set up to do.

By streaming directly to users don't need to set all or most of their encodes through the TriCaster. They can set to split out to other CDN's while the TriCaster works to produce the show. Not that a TriCaster TC1 or even a TriCaster Mini can't handle streaming to multiple CDN's, but having the freedom to put less work on any system will allow your production to run just that much more smoothly.

This combination offers substantial strength across the spectrum of live streaming. Major broadcasters moving into streaming can do so with NewTek’s high-end production systems, which also maintain their ability to output to broadcast in HD and UHD (4Kp60), and offer input handling capacities beyond many traditional switching systems, even aided by costly routers (VMC1 has 44 inputs, and can be chained). Gaming streamers can engage the entry level, backpack portable version of the TriCaster to move up to multi-camera/multi-source production with the full range of production values of professional television - motion graphics, keying, virtual sets, multi-layered video, and more. And everywhere along the spectrum, a simple selection of Restream from the TriCaster’s menus enables the producer to stream simultaneously to a host of popular destinations....[continue reading]

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