NewTek Case Study: How NewTek Saved eGaming Producer LocalGames From a COVID Disaster

As we all know, when the pandemic hit productions all over the world were effected. LocalGames, a Latin American video production company knew their traditional workflow for producing live broadcasts of eGaming tournaments would require a big change. The broadcasts still went on once COVID hit, but this time it was virtual. They had to think fast and they were able to survive the pandemic and even come out stronger with the help of NewTek

In NewTek's recent Case Study, NewTek shares how LocalGames were able to get the NewTek equipment, such as the TriCaster Mini 4K to have their company succeed. The TriCaster Mini 4K is easy to transport whenever needed and powerful enough to handle any video production. The TriCaster Mini 4K ensures your content is available and accessible. Check out some important highlights from the Case Study below. 

"I found the TriCaster to be very easy to learn. And I’m not the sort of person who likes to read manuals. I’m much more of a doer. That’s the way I learn. So, I just got in there, sat down at the TriCaster, and got my hands dirty. I found it to be very intuitive. That’s how I learned to record macros, create camera pre-sets, modify the Multiview, and build buffer animations. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your hands dirty. I still haven’t read the manual.”
Rodrigo Cotiart, LocalGames’ broadcast engineer and Chief TriCaster Operator


“Because all our content is on network, we require a workflow that allows us to efficiently stream video to the network. And that’s why we chose to go with NewTek. Their products are designed with livestreaming in mind.”
Bernardo Pizurnia, CEO of LocalGames


"It went extremely well. The clients, the viewers, and even the production crew were amazed at how much was accomplished in such a short window. LocalGames was ecstatic that they didn’t have to break the budget to continue producing.
Adrian Bazan, NewTek’s Latin American Sales Manager.



Check out the Case Study here!

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