NewTek Connect Spark & NDI Case Study

From NewTek's Studio, take a look at this case study of a small video production crew using NewTek's Connect Spark as a cost effective solution to creating a large production impact. You'll see they worked smart, planned smart, and fulfilled their production goals with flying colors, thanks to their TriCaster and Connect Spark IP video converters. From NewTek

connect spark using ndi technology...Like anything in life, the JupiterReturn team knows, it’s easy to spend a ton of money on a production and make it good. But it requires experience and creativity to spend a fraction and make it look just as good.

“This is how we’ve operated all these years. It’s not about throwing money at it. It’s about planning it in a smart way, and in a way that allows you to scale efficiently,” says Borachuk. For JupiterReturn, that way happened to be IP.

The crew’s TriCaster 860 already had Advanced Edition software installed, which expands the number of video sources available to the internal switcher – sources that can be added over an Ethernet network instead of being limited to physical SDI connections, by using NDI, NewTek’s video over IP technology.

“We had ten NewTek Connect Spark IP video converters, which allowed us to put POV cameras on each player.” The crew could connect the cameras to each Spark using HDMI, then it would convert the feeds to NDI and send them into the TriCaster over the production’s 1Gb Ethernet network. “We didn’t have to use a single additional hardware input,” Borachuk says...

...“With all the live cameras, graphics, overlays and player feeds coming together in one mix, we could rival the sort of production value typically only seen with a television truck,” says Borachuk....[continue reading]

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