The Pinecrest School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is streaming live sports events via a TriCaster TC1 and JVC cameras equipped with NewTek Connect Sparks (HDMI). Cable free Wifi transmission over their network is facilitated by a product manufactured by Mobile Studios called a SparkMount Battery Kit (Patent Pending). The kit includes a SparkMount bracket for a Connect Spark, hardware to install the bracket on any video or DSLR camera, a Lithium Ion battery that powers a Connect Spark up to 15 continuous hours, SDI,HDMI and DC power cables. The field had two WiFi APs (access points) which enabled 100% solid signal reception over the network to a TriCaster TC1 located about 1/4 mile away in the studio's control room. Tests were also conducted at the school's basketball court/gymnasium with the same results -- 100% solid NDI/HX encoded 1080i video around the perimeter of the court and high-up at the bleachers. Watch on YouTube Watch on YouTube
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