NewTek Esports production tools are in a league of their own

ESports are becoming one of the biggest spectator sports around with entire arena being built for it. NewTek's technology is perfect for Esports. Check out the article below to find out more.

From NewTek

Winning production for competitive gaming. Level up with the leader in IP video.

From esports leagues and tournaments, to online platforms and game developers, NewTek’s software-driven video technology lets players, producers, and publishers plug directly into the action—and to the global gaming community. With a range of video production solutions for sourcing, switching, streaming, recording, and social networking, NewTek has the tools you need to build your brand and create a broadcast-quality experience for viewers, subscribers, and spectators in resolutions up to 1080p and 4K UHD at 60fps.

Change the game.

Experience esports production that runs like a well-oiled broadcast machine. With software-driven processing and IP-based production, NewTek solutions reduce the complexity and cost of mixing gaming PCs and consoles with professional video gear.

Conquer every environment

From sold-out arenas, to high-traffic conventions, to full-throttle broadcasts, NewTek solutions offer the scalability, flexibility, and high-performance capabilities to drive esports productions of any size or scope.

Streamline setup and production.

NewTek’s seamless system networking and frame-rate independent video technology eliminates the need for external conversion, re-formatting, and patchwork configuration—and the challenges and frustrations that come with it.

Earn viewer experience points

Bring a big game feel to every session, adding play-by-play analysis, player stats, social media interaction, slo-mo instant replay, and more to immerse fans in the action and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Real production for the virtual world.

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Gameplay Capture

Engage audiences with more marquee matchups and head-to-head battles, while knocking complicated rigging out behind the scenes. Requiring only WiFi and a video cable, NewTek Connect Spark is the fastest, easiest way to capture gameplay for production.

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Match Coverage

Cover the highs and lows of heated competition—from anywhere on your network. With the NewTek NDI® PTZ Camera, you can share the emotion and intensity of every session in full HD resolution, with remote control and the ease of attaching a single Ethernet cable.

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Event Production

From large-scale team tournaments to multi-venue gaming conventions, broadcast and stream flagship esports events for on-site attendees and global audiences. Mix live cameras with real-time gameplay and high-end visuals, then deliver to screens big and small in multiple languages.

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Community Interaction

Tap into the cloud for more community engagement, including player Q&A, real-time reaction, and live interviews. With broadcast-quality Skype video calling, you can bring gamers closer to the fans and fans closer to the action.

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Multi-Channel Streaming

Get your content to viewers wherever they are watching—from streaming to Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube Gaming, to canvassing all of the popular social media platforms, to launching your very own esports channel.

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Real-Time Graphics

Support elite gameplay with world-class, animated graphics. Set the stage for major events, tell the story of key matchups, and complement coverage with stats, visuals, sponsor branding, and more.

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