NewTek Introduces 4K TriCaster Mini all NDI Solution for Under $10K

NewTek- now a part of Vizrt, made big headlines on November 7th, when they announced the new TriCaster Mini.

The original TriCaster Mini launched in 2014. The idea was to release an affordable TriCaster with HDMI I/O to appeal to a wide range of content creators. However, since the development of New TriCasters including the TC1, there is a larger demand for NDI inputs and outputs as well as 4K.

NDI: Video Over IP for Everyone

NDI has only been growing in popularity since NewTek introduced it to the industry. It is a simple way to send video over a network, with only one Ethernet connection.

The new TriCaster Mini- the TC Mini- is radically different, because it has no conventional video inputs and outputs.

For those not familiar with NDI, chances are you will be soon. NDI is becoming a more and more common standard in the video space. It is the easiest way to send video over a network, with a very simple set up and easy use.

NDI is efficient and extraordinarily capable. And it is now the most popular version of video over IP.

And now, the new TriCaster Mini- the TC Mini- is here, ready to help you harness the power of NDI.

Natively 4K

That's right! The TC Mini is natively 4K at all normal 4K frame rates. The product comes with a 1TB SSD, and is largely improved from its predecessor. The new TC Mini is part of the new generation of TriCasters which means it can also benefit from software updates as they become available.

The TC Mini also has NDI at its core, and includes a wide variety of inputs. When running the NDI|HX camera app built in on your iPhone, you can input it as a video source. This new Mini also allows you to bring in computer graphics, Skype and computer games as inputs.

A Dual Video Streaming Encoder

TC Mini supports video streaming and has two streaming encoders. These encoders operate simultaneously allowing users to stream to multiple hosts. This is an essential feature to an effective production system- and its inclusion here with inputs being exclusively NDI means the TC Mini is a bold, ground breaking innovation from NewTek.

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