NewTek Launches TalkShow VS 100 Live Video Production System

Studio Daily by Beth Marchant

A Robust Workflow for Controlling Broadcast-Ready, Full-Frame HD Skype Calls from Any Connected Device

NewTek today officially launched TalkShow VS 100, a hardware solution in a single 19-inch rackmount chassis that converts a Skype call from any device into a professional-quality video signal without the need for a scan converter. Built upon Microsoft's Skype TX software platform, the turnkey box features HD/SDI input and output and gives studio and live event producers automatic aspect ratio conversion and color correction, balanced audio and a full set of studio-level controls to improve picture and sound quality on the fly.

Aimed at a range of broadcast news, live event and corporate and institutional video productions, TalkShow will let a producer initiate or receive calls from anyone with a Skype account on any device that can run Skype software, whether a video-enabled desktop or laptop, a mobile device, a conference room, or an Internet-connected Smart TV or game console. Features unique to TalkShow include full-bandwidth call recording, proc amp controls, Video over IP via NewTek TriCaster, audio over IP via NewTek Dante and video preview display and tally support built right into the system.

"Broadcasters have already been using the free version of Skype," says Scott Carroll, NewTek's director of public relations tells StudioDaily. "And everyone's pretty much been on their own, cobbling together scan converters on both ends of the call in order to make it work on air. But that's just not a stable way to broadcast a remote interview. You're subject to pop-ups [and] interference from other calls, and you have zero control over video and audio quality. TalkShow was essentially designed to address all those issues in a low-cost, easy-to-use 1RU solution, bringing audience participation into any live broadcast." read more...

NewTek TalkShow


NewTek TalkShow - NOW SHIPPING!
Live Skype interviews that look great - and sound amazing

If you?re a broadcaster, live production pro, or event producer who wants to include more experts, interviews, and correspondents in your program, you no longer have to spend big budgets on live shots, truck uplinks and heavily equipped video crews?or waste time coordinating on-location interviews and low-quality phone recordings. Millions of remote guests for your show are now just a video call away.

NewTek TalkShow, the turnkey solution that delivers live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD, is the only video calling production system that integrates everything you need for professional-grade video calling into a single interface in your control room? leaving your host to focus on the conversation, and leaving nothing to chance in the field.

But TalkShow does more than just connect great-looking Skype calls. It allows you to transform every call with a complete set of studio-grade capabilities, enhancing behind-the-scenes control and communication and allowing the operator to refine call picture and sound quality with professional tools?just like any other in-studio source.

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