NewTek Launches TriCaster TC1: 4K UHD & IP-Centric

Allan Tépper of Pro Video Coalition wrote a captivating piece on the TriCaster TC1. NewTek has revamped their hardware but kept the familiarity of the interface!

TriCaster TC1: 4K UHD, IP-Centric & Worldcam Friendly Even in US

Tricaster TC1

NewTek’s new TriCaster TC1 innovates hardware while retaining the familiar user interface.

NewTek has just launched the new TriCaster TC1. For those unfamiliar, TriCaster is a “studio in a box” device, which combines an audio/video mixer (aka “switcher”), character generator, video players and recorder, and live streaming capabilities. Earlier this week, I attended a telephone briefing with several NewTek personnel, including the director of products and marketing executives. I heard the TriCaster TC1 presentation, and then I got to ask questions about details not mentioned therein. The TC1 innovates hardware while retaining the familiar user interface. Ahead are the details, including flexible connectivity for hardware-based redundant RAID DAS, worldcam friendliness even in the US, and an international solar keyboard for your TriCaster.

In this article

  • How many inputs, and what types?
  • The TriCaster TC1 integrates with NewTek’s TalkShow
  • The TriCaster TC1 is worldcam friendly, even in the US
  • My current favorite keyboard to use in an international studio with a TriCaster
  • Flexible connectivity for hardware-based redundant RAID DAS
  • Non-integer framerate expression is still undefined for the TriCaster TC1
  • Pricing and availability

How many inputs, and what types?

The TriCaster TC1 breaks prior TriCaster barriers, since no TriCaster in the past has ever supported 4K UHD or even 3G-SDI for higher framerate progressive 1080p like 1080/50p and 1080/59.94p. (Even though the two mentioned formats are not part of current over-the-air broadcast standards, some sports producers that broadcast 720p over-the-air want to be able to shoot at these higher framerate 1080p formats for later downscale to 720/50p or 720/59.94p, since they can blow up without loss during an instant replay.) Now, the new TriCaster can handle up to 16 4K UHD sources at up to 59.94p, while the top of the line IP Series from NewTek (announced last year) can now support up to a palindromic number of 44 4K UHD sources at the same maximum framerate. But what type of sources does the TC1 accept? Read the full article here!

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