NewTek Live Sports Bundles featuring Tricaster and Revolutionary 3Play Instant Replay Solutions

NewTek Live Sports Bundles now with VIDEOGUYS' BONUS!

Introducing NewTek Live Sports Bundles now with VIDEOGUYS' BONUS! FREE Virtual Set with Purchase
of Any NewTek TriCaster, 3Play or Live Sports Bundle!

NewTek TriCaster 410 Bundle 
with TriCaster 460 Control Surface

If your business is geared to get somewhere quickly, set up and produce live events—then move on to the next project—don’t burden it with a bunch of extra equipment, setup time and cost.

$14,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

NewTek TriCaster 410 also available without the control surface - $9,995.00

NewTek 3Play 425

3Play 425 is NewTek’s entry point for instant replay and slow motion, delivering six channels in a professional, HD replay system for sports producers with tight budgets. The system captures four angles of live camera feeds that you can mix with assets from your media library, and records all angles to removable storage so you can import, export, or repurpose your game footage for later use.

$9,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

NewTek LiveSports Bundle with TriCaster 410, 3Play 425 and TriCaster 460 Control Surface

With TriCaster and 3Play, you can work seamlessly to create, replay, publish and stream stunning sports shows. Buy them together and save big.

NewTek Sports Solutions Bundle include:

  • NewTek 3Play 425 with included control surface
  • NewTek TriCaster 410
  • NewTek TriCaster 460 Control Surface

Standard MSRP for this bundle is $26,985 but for a limited time only, NewTek is offering a bundle savings with a promotional MSRP of just $21,995.00.

$21,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus

NewTek Live Sports Solution Bundle
with 3Play 440, TriCaster 410 and
TriCaster 460 Control Surface

NewTek Sports Solutions Bundle include:

  • NewTek 3Play 440 with included control surface
  • NewTek TriCaster 410
  • NewTek TriCaster 460 Control Surface

$31,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

Mid-Level Sports Production NewTek's Whitepaper on Mid-Level Sports Production and Streaming using the NewTek TriCaster and 3Play (PDF)

FREE Virtual Setworks 
Virtual Set Studio 181 with any TriCaster or 3Play Purchase!

Virtualsetworks virtual sets for the NewTek TriCaster is the the High Definition version that may be installed direct on the TriCaster System. Studio 181 is a news desk with stairs and side areas and is one of the most popular virtual sets offered.

$379.00 value

Click Here to view Virtual Setworks for NewTek TriCaster

NewTek TriCaster 460 with Control Surface

Mobile producers, independent video and Web TV experts, advanced worship producers, and corporate video departments are the inspiration for TriCaster 460’s boldly-go-anywhere attitude. For anyone producing professional real-time video in small or roving bases of operation – getting there is just the start.

$19,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

NewTek 3Play 440

The same set of sports production tools as 3Play 4800 - but sized and priced for smaller programs - makes 3Play 440 a complete, integrated sports production system for mobile and regional producers who deliver small to mid-sized live sports. With more real-time capabilities than any multi-camera replay server all packed into a single turnkey solution, 3Play 440 raises the ceiling for visual quality, format flexibility, and revenue opportunities for organizations with more limited budgets - even in standalone environments where a traditional production switcher isn’t available.

$24,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

NewTek Live Sports Solution Bundle with 3Play 425 and TriCaster 460

NewTek Sports Solutions Bundle include:

  • NewTek 3Play 425 with included control surface
  • NewTek TriCaster 460 with included control surface

$25,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

NewTek Live Sports Solution Bundle with 3Play 440 and TriCaster 460

NewTek Sports Solutions Bundle include:

  • NewTek 3Play 440 with included control surface
  • NewTek TriCaster 460 with included control surface

$39,995.00 with Videoguys' Bonus!

Integrations and Recommended Add-Ons for NewTek TriCaster Systems

Teradek Cube Stream Reader
Features Telestream Wirecast Pro & NewTek TriCaster Integration

Live event broadcasting just got easier. Teradek's new Stream Reader plugin for Wirecast and TriCaster allows Cube, Cube Pro, and Bond users to import live HD video directly into Telestream's or NewTek's software platform. Stream Reader is a powerful tool for live productions that use local or remote IP video feeds. This means that Teradek users can pull low latency HD video into Wirecast or TriCaster directly from their encoder or a Sputnik Server.

Teradek Cube

Teradek Cube H.264 Encoder

Stream to an iPad or iPhone
Cube enables producers, clients, and others on set to monitor every shot live on their iOS device. Instead of running long, cumbersome cables to bulky monitors, Cube's ability to turn the iPad or iPhone into a mobile wireless monitor liberates cinema crews from wired tethers and cluttered sets.

& Cellular


Teradek Cube 500

Teradek Cube 205

Teradek Cube 105

& Cellular

Teradek Cube 555

Teradek Cube 255

Teradek Cube 155

Special Bundle Coupon!!!

StreamVu Broadcasting

StreamVu is the most dynamic Value Added CDN on the market today. With ease of use technology designed to meet the needs of beginners and broadcast professionals alike the StreamVu service delivers high quality video at scalable, cost effective pricing.

StreamVu features include:

  • Low monthly cost with no ads
  • No Surprises – flat rate pricing
  • Unlimited bandwidth, viewers & storage
  • Stream to all platforms, including iOS devices
  • Cloud-based recording
  • Embed code for website integration
  • Live voice support
  • Broadcast enhancement: chat, Q&A, PowerPoint, etc.

Flat-Rate Plans start
at just $100/month Flat Rate for Worship

Once the 30-day promotional period is done you’ll be happy to know that StreamVu offers special flat rate pricing for Houses of Worship based on your congregation size.

  • Churches under 100 = $25/mo.
  • 101–500 members = $60/mo.
  • 501–1,000 members = $65/mo.
  • 1,001–2,000 = $100/mo.
  • 2,001–3,000 = $150/mo.
  • 3,000–5,000 = $195/mo.

With StreamVu’s FlatBill, a church’s bill remains the same for a full 12-month period, with no rising bills during the first 12 months. At the end of a church’s 12-month FlatBill period, they receive a new offer for the next 12-month FlatBill period. The offer shows an updated amount based on the actual usage for the past 12 months and projected usage for the next 12 months, if a church chooses to continue with FlatBill. StreamVu reports that there’s no true-up settlement or deferred amount to pay.

Contact at 
or call (800) 323-2325

Click here
for the Videoguys Tutorial Video

"Streaming Live Events with StreamVu"

NewTek TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 2.5

Create the bigger, professional-looking studio you’ve always wanted—easily and affordably. Virtual Set Editor 2 lets you customize live virtual sets to enhance every program, captivate your viewers, and dramatically raise your production value—no matter how small your studio space is, or what it looks like.


Special Bundle Offer for new and existing TriCaster owners. Save $399! 
Buy the NewTek TriCaster Virtual Set Editor plus your choice of any Virtualsetworks Volume (with 10+ HD studio sets)
for only $2,495.00

Call for complete info, volume selection & to order! LiveText 2.5 with DataLink 3 Technology

LiveText™ 2 gives you the flexibility to add a dedicated title station to your live production. Build titles and graphics on any laptop or computer and send over the network to any TriCaster™ portable live production system. Make your production pop with network-style scrolls, crawls, title pages and lower thirds. And use the integrated DataLink™ application to display real-time data with instant updates. Scores, times, prices, countdown clocks and more. Add another set of hands. Share the workload. Go team.

LiveText 2 provides these benefits:

  • Network-style production workflow with dedicated HD titles and graphics operation
  • Integrated DataLink application to display real-time data and instant updates
  • Real-time clock and date displays embedded in title pages
  • Remote control over title creation and management
  • Hundreds of preloaded templates ready for use, including lower third, OSB and full page graphics
  • Powerful vector-based drawing tools and extensive text options for designing custom graphics

$995.00 HD sets for NewTek TriCaster

Virtualsetworks virtual sets for TriCaster Virtual Set Editor are powerful multilayered .psd files specifically designed for use with all the HD TriCaster models including the TriCaster 40, 300, 410, 455, 460, 855, 860 and 8000.  Control your camera start and end points, change graphics, colors, and logos, even remove certain scene elements. Each virtual set comes with 16 different angles with multiple zoom levels from Wide the Extreme Close Up. These sets are designed to accommodate 3-5 talent and multiple B Sources. is proud to offer the High Definition versions compatible with all of the current TriCasters. Anything in Volume 4,Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8 or the newest Volume 9.

Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8

NEW! Volume 9

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