NewTek MediaDS Bridges Live-Streaming Video Production and Delivery
This article features an interview between Wowza and NewTek demonstrating MediaDS and its capabilities for delivering content easily across media platforms. If you are looking to create or distribute your own content and/or live stream video there are options beyond YouTube and Facebook!

In traditional broadcast workflows, there were people who created content, and other people who put it over the airwaves. But the traditional model is crumbling. In the world of the internet, user-generated content, social media and subscription-based TV, a new content delivery platform must emerge.

Enter the MediaDS—bridging the world of content creation with modern delivery, enabling content producers to quickly and easily deliver live-streaming video to their audiences from a single device. Built by NewTek and Wowza, the MediaDS enables different content-distribution models: within a firewall, to social media platforms or even to the masses through a content delivery network (CDN)....[continue reading]

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