NewTek MediaDS (Media Distribution System) with Integrated Wowza Streaming Engine

NewTek Media DS - New Media Distribution System

StreamingMedia takes a look at the newly released NewTek Wowza MediaDS appliance for media distribution. Get familiar with this brilliant new technology, we're excited about it. The demand for live streaming technology is growing fast!
Encoder offers NewTek proprietary IP inputs, world-class color correction, and an integrated Wowza Streaming Engine for live delivery Powered by the video ingest technologies NewTek is famous for, including advanced color correction demonstrated in the TalkShow100 product we covered last year, the MediaDS can act as a multi-stream distribution system for content generated by the NewTek TriCaster video mixer product line. Like most encoders with an integrated streaming server, the MediaDS offers a 3G serial digital interface (SDI) input that allows 1080p 59.94 (or 1080p50 in non-U.S. markets) to be captured and encoded into an RTMP stream. While there’s been lots of talk about the death of RTMP, the NewTek team has championed its continued use for live streaming to a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook Live, Microsoft Azure, and even the Wowza CDN service offered by Wowza for live event streaming from its Wowza Streaming Engine media server software. The MediaDS adds a nice touch for multiple ingest points, offering four 3G-SDI inputs, each one encoded as an RTMP stream with up to four channels of embedded audio (two stereo pairs) via NewTek’s integrated encoding software. In addition, the company offers waveforms and vector scopes to monitor and modify the incoming SDI signal, allowing the encoder to adhere to broadcast specifications for white levels as well as color gamut. ...[continue reading]

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