NewTek NDI 3.0 Delivers Low-Bandwidth Video and PTZ Camera Control

More press for NewTek's newest adventures in IP Production technology - the launch of NDI version 3.0 and the line of products called NDI | HX, which includes the NDIHX PTZ1 Camera and Connect Spark wifi-enabled IP video converters. If you are producing video over IP, you'll want to check out these new devices. All are available for pre order now on! The NewTek NDI PTZ1 Camera delivers video, audio, control, tally and power on ONE Ethernet cable. Or simply connect your existing camera or other video output to NewTek Connect Spark (HDMI or SDI), and have instant sources for all your NDI compatible systems and software... WIRELESS.

NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) technology for IP video got another boost this week with the announcement of version 3.0, designed to improve the protocol’s performance with PTZ cameras on low-bandwidth networks.

The expansion of the protocol adds multicast with forward error correction, a new “high-efficiency” mode for full-resolution video called NDI HX, standardized PTZ camera control and tally, and improved encoding performance, NewTek said...[continue reading]

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