NewTek NDI in Action: Sports Workflows with IP Integration

ip production workflowFrom NewTek's blog, read how this live production studio, accustomed to TriCaster, grew fast and sustained it's growth as it scaled it's technology and equipment, including moving over to NDI IP production.
With all the industry talk about how IP video will completely change production – and all the worry and hesitation many companies have about how disruptive it will be for their current processes – Servizzi sees quite a different result in practice. “I know this is supposed to completely alter the world of production—but our workflow hasn’t changed. What we got as a result of IP integration, in all honesty, is more inputs. When you’re on the truck side of production like we are, you still have to put cameras in the venue. You still have to get those cameras back to the truck.” It’s that lack of workflow disruption that won him over. “That’s really the benefit to us, so far – the fact that it’s the same. It’s like the TriCaster that we were used to, in a stronger, more versatile form factor. In very direct ways it enables us to do shows that we weren’t always able to get before. We can go in with a modest budget and execute a large show. That’s important.”
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