NewTek NDI Connects Multiple Live SXSW Austin Locations

South by Southwest is one of the biggest events in Austin Texas, as well as the film industry. This year, NewTek and specifically NDI had a big hand to play in the event's success.

Condense and Speed Up

SXSW is also a hotspot for streaming, as every year many organizers live stream at the event. This includes streams to the SXSW website and youtube channel. Therefore, event coordinators wanted to condense and speed up their streams this year.

“We needed to get our content from several locations into one place for master control streaming and so our editors could get to it quicker and create interstitial content faster than last year. This way we could keep audiences better informed, engaged, and tuned in longer.”

Stephen Light, SXSW Head of Commercial Content

In addition to multiple streams coming from the same event, production had a large area to cover. There were five different rooms in four buildings live streaming at the same time. In addition, many of these rooms were several floors apart.

The production team also only had 24 hours to complete production.

Above is an Aerial view of the area the production team had to cover.

Enter NDI

Using an NDI based solution, the production teams were able to transfer video, audio and metadata between locations. NDI was used to transort video feed from four downtown Austin buildings to a master control room- to streamline all of the content.

For Stephen, we built a network with many different pieces working together, which is a real strength of IP-based technology. We did not share the existing SXSW network with NDI, but instead built a parallel network to carry the video to isolate the large amount of SXSW Internet traffic from NDI traffic. The only interconnect was for management and monitoring purposes.

SXSW Production Crew Member

To learn more about the full footprint NDI left on SXSW, check out this article from NewTek

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