Newtek NDI delivers IP based Esports Live Production and Streaming

Here's an innovative application for NDI - In the following blog article from NewTek, you'll discover how Twitch TV uses NDI to solve broadcasting challenges when streaming Esport events. The NDI (Network Device Interface) technology allows them to manage many players at an esport event overcoming input and output limitations that occur if hardware had to be connected through capture cards and cables. Being wireless here makes a huge difference. Read on for details: ndi streaming esportsFrom NewTek blog

...Putting a live camera on an esports contestant doesn’t translate the same as it does with athletic sports. Traditional video production equipment does not adapt readily or cheaply to ingesting video game content, often requiring expensive hardware signal converters and cabling....

“NDI lets us send signals between hardware without things like capture cards and cables,” Josh Shaw, producer and technical director at Twitch, explained. “You can even do this at home with Xsplit. If you had two computers where one was gaming and one was for streaming, now they can be on the same network and you don’t need to have an output, run a cable, have a capture card, and stream it with Xsplit. You just send out the signal and Xsplit streams it.”...[continue reading]

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