NewTek NDI is the Video Over IP Standard you Need

IP is being used more and more for all phases of video production. One of the leading names in Video Over IP is NewTek.

While Legacy SDI equiptment is still a major part of the industry, we are seeing a slow change to IP.

IP gives users the ability to scale and expand their bandwidth, complexity and installation type.

As the industry moves more and more towards IP, the biggest question remains- what is the best IP technology to use when migrating media?

There are a wide variety of options, including SMPTE 2110, SDVoE and HDBaseT-IP solutions- however all have their advantages and shortcomings.

However, NewTek offers a game changing alternative with NDI technology. NDI of Network Device Interface is a media migration technique that sends video completely wireless, between devices all on the same network.

NDI provides a great solution for video professionals looking for video over IP. expands more on this technique in an article HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE

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